Initial Thoughts on Typograph.journal | Volume. 01

I ordered Typograph.journal a few weeks ago after been recommended to by a Graphic Designer, Craig Black.

It’s a series of books “written by designers for designers” and it’s their thoughts on the design theory.

When I first opened the package from Australia, I was presented with black paper contrasting from the white book wrapped inside. Written in large it says ‘out of sorts’ with a description of what it means in typography terms and it the history on the back.

“To be ‘out of sorts’ is to be short a character of the font you require to print a text”


Once the book is unwrapped there is a white postcard, exact same size of the book, with a design of ’01’ made out of text from the first paragraph in the book and on the bottom left corner in pencil is the book number marked out of 1000. Having the number hand written in pencil gives it a extra touch of special.

When I first order the book, I received a personal thank you email from the author herself, Nicole Arnett Phillips, with simple actions like this goes a long way. This made me happier with my purchase.


Back to the book. The book size itself is a nice size as it fits in your hands well and small enough to be able to fit in your bag, to then be brought out where ever and whenever. After flicking through the pages and reading the first couple of pages, I’m already enjoying the book. With more subtle touches of marking the number inside the book as well and the decision of Phillips to print the book in uncoated paper, allowing the readers to highlight and and annotate the pages.


Flicking through the pages, I saw unusual typographic layouts to express what the author wants her text to come across as, this also makes it more easier and even more interesting to read. I’m looking forward to properly reading the full book learning new things and comparing my thoughts to hers.