Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 1

This marks the first week of a new chapter.

NEW BEGINNINGS | Year 3, Day 1

The beginning of year 3. Already on the first day I’m finding it hard to know when to pull the camera out, making it harder later on to edit. But I know as the days go on, my confidence will improve.

ACHIEVEMENT | Year 3, Day 2

An inspiring morning, hearing from Craig Black on how successful he has become over that past 3 years by continue to follow his passion in his free time.
Spent the whole afternoon talking about paper… yes paper… on the different types and how it will help with your final product presentation.
My Wednesday night was spent like every other Wednesday nights… at hockey.

SPRING | Year 3, Day 3

Spring is here and I’m finally able to bring out my favourite clothes.

CONNECT | Year 3, Day 4

It’s funny how two different lives can connect in the same way with different people and stories.

MINUTES | Year 3, Day 5

Watched ever team in my club play today except for my own team because I was asked to play 5 minutes of the 1s game…

SUNDAY | Year 3, Day 6

“Coached” the 3s game today, yes that’s right another day dedicated to hockey. But. This time I actually got a run about!

ORGANISE | Year 3, Day 7

Helping my friend find a cheap and best way to get hockey tops for our Academical match at the end of April. It was definitely nice to get out the house and in the glorious sun, before I went back to my room to do more college work.