Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 10

The weather this whole week has been amazing!


Spend the day in college getting my small booklet done! Finished in a day, but obviously it will need some tidying up! Spent a good few hour after college sitting in the sun soaking it up! It never last that long here in Glasgow. We don’t see it that often!

SUMMER HOCKEY | Year 3 | Day 65

Even though we are all stressed about the final end of year submission coming up in a couple of weeks, we still make time for time to relax and play cards.
Summer hockey has started back up again and the weather was actually summer weather!


IS THAT THE KNIGHT BUS?! | Year 3 | Day 66

Good night catching up with my friend and to go see Bad Neighbours 2, which was funny but not as good as the first one.


FRIDAY THE 13TH | Year 3 | Day 67

Rushed morning losing track of time! Picked up my small booklets for college in town. Met my friends from high school for a catch up and lunch in the west end. Hearing what people are doing now with only a year left of uni or what they are doing in their full time job is scary to think how old we are!


MAKE A LIST | Year 3 | Day 68

Making a list makes it a lot easier to see what needs done. Ticking them off is just so satisfying seeing the amount of work you need to do shrink!


KEEP TRYING | Year 3 | Day 69

Spent most of my dad trying to get the perfect sizing to fit all of my tin boxes into one. Having the correct display and height. I finally got it on the 8th try! Keep trying.


SURPRISE BBQ | Year 3 | Day 70

Surprise BBQ with the parents. I’m loving this weather we’ve been having lately… It’s a shame I haven’t been able to take full adventure of it because of college work.