Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 11

The official Adult Life begins.

NOT GONE TO PLAN | Year 3 | Day 71

Do you ever have those days when nothing goes to plan? What do you do? Do you just give in and thinks that’s life? Or do you try and solve the problem rather than just moaning about it?

That’s one of the things that annoy me, are the people who have a problem and just decided to complain about and point out all the more problems that it creates… Rather than just finding a solution.


Stickers for my packaging arrived… The one thing is though… the font is wrong… An action on illustrator didn’t work and I never noticed. But that’s okay, I just had to reorder the stickers and triple check that the action on illustrator worked this time around.

DRENCHED | Year 3 | Day 73

The rain was coming down a lot today! Running the from the house to the car I was getting soaked! Hoping it clears up for my birthday weekend!

HIDDEN | Year 3 | Day 74

No matter how long you have lived somewhere, there are still hidden places that you’ve never seen before. Explore your own city.

I have heard of my friends talk about the cafe in this hidden lane, but never I actually knew exactly where it was. Only discovered this lane after ordering badges from a company down here for my design project. It was a successful trip as I got my badges quicker than I thought!

SPONTANEOUS | Year 3 | Day 75

Today was a really good day and it was all made by the people around me.

I woke up with nothing planned after my original plan was cancelled. Ended up going out for lunch with my friend and spent the afternoon with her having lunch and wondering around Byres Road. While we were out a girl came up to and asked if she could borrow our phone to phone her mum as she thought we looked like nice people. I thought that was very sweet and a good compliment!

When I was back home, I got a message from my other friend who told me she was procrastinating by watching my videos. She found them addictive and happy. That was another good compliment that made me happy!

My parents were out with their friends and my dad facetimed me to ask if they could get a lift home…but then my sister who lives in Aberdeen popped her head in. That made me so confused but so happy that my sister surprised me for being home for my birthday weekend.

It just goes to show that it’s people around you that make you happy not the things that around you.

BIRTHDAY EVE | Year 3 | Day 76

Had an amazing day, out for a late lunch with my family having my favourite food, Mexican. This weekend wasn’t planned out weeks in advance, but it turned out amazing with most of the people that I love. My 21st birthday tomorrow… officially officially and adult…!

TWENTY ONE | Year 3 | Day 77

Today was my 21st birthday, I am now officially officially an adult! I had the best day, on your birthday is when you truly realise how loved you are with the amount of birthday wishes and gifts.
I had the best day relaxing in the sun in my garden with my favourite people, my family. I’m looking forward to see what this year brings.