Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 12



TIME WITH FRIENDS | Year 3 | Day 78 

In college for a few hours, doing the finishing touches for the report hand in tomorrow.
Once I got home, I had a lovely wee quick visit from my friend who brought me a great gift filled with meaning for to each present.
Then I went out for dinner for Italian with a couple of my other friends, who I haven’t seen since February?! But I don’t think that’s true… It can’t be!


THE END IS NEAR | Year 3 | Day 79

Finally was able to pick up my last print of the year. Now I can move on and get the box laser cut tomorrow, to then takes photos for the final presentation. Getting ready for my holiday in a couple of days too! Can’t wait to experience something different and so beautiful!



Finally got to laser cut the last part of my design, all I have to do now is take photos of it all.
My aunt and uncle took my out for dinner tonight for a birthday treat. Really enjoyed my night with good company. Overall a good, productive day.


BIRTHDAY TRAVELS | Year 3 | Day 81 

Continuing my 21st Birthday celebrations, my family and I are traveling to Iceland for the first time ever. Can’t wait to experience a completely different holiday.
The videos are probably going to be uploaded late and will all be edited on my iPad. I’m going to properly edit all my clips from this holiday into one video once I’m back home!


GOLDEN CIRCLE | Year 3 | Day 82

First full day in Iceland. We walked up to the Hallgrimskirkja to meet our parents and have a wonder. Then we took the Golden Circle tour, visiting the plates, Gulfoss and the Geysirs. While we were there… Someone never returned to the bus (we waited 20 mins, hope she is okay) and then there was an argument about people sitting in other people’s seats.
At night we went out for dinner, where we got moved seats to accommodate other people, waited ages between courses and then my mum’s one came cold… But the Rosemary potatoes was good!


ICELAND SOUTH COAST | Year 3 | Day 83 

It’s our last full day here in Iceland. We took full advantage of it. We went in the South Coast tour, visiting the black sand beach, two wonderful waterfalls, the volcano that caused my dad to be trapped in New York for 10 days and got loads of amazing photos and video clips.

I can’t wait to sit down and edit a video with all my clips from the weekend. Would love to go back.

Who else has visited Iceland or is from there?


4:30AM WAKE UP | Year 3 | Day 84 

Had to get up at 4:30am this morning to catch our 7:35am flight back home to Glasgow. It was totally weird arriving back home in Glasgow with sun, usually we would go on holiday for the sun. This time it was the other way around. Back at 11:30am to enjoy a full day back home.