Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 13




I love how my friends are always willing to help me and make a day out of it. I asked them the yesterday if they were free to help me when with my design projects and model for my photos. They didn’t even blink, it was the perfect day for it. Had lunch in Zizzi’s on Byres Road and then we walked to Kelvingrove to get some photos for my design project. Walked back to Byres road for some good old University Cafe ice cream. Edited the photos and hung out again on another walk and photoshoot in our area. What else could you have asked for?



My head was not screwed on properly today. Slept in by an hour, forgot my hard drive and other equipment, had to drive back to pick it all up. Took the wrong turn to hockey and had to go longest route possible, stuck in traffic.

What’s quite funny today though, was that I was being followed by bagpipes. At college all we heard was bagpipes and then heard it again at hockey!


FRIENDS, BBQ + LAUGHS | Year 3 | Day 87

Today was cute! One of my friends gave us all a box of sweets and left them on our desk. It was fun talking about the memories of each sweets when we were younger and trying new ones.
I handed in my last project of the year, but it won’t feel like officially summer until the external verifier comes at the end of June…
However, that didn’t stop us from having a great night at our friends house for a BBQ, drinks and a laugh in the sun.
We were talking about how lucky we are to get on so well with everyone in our year and all be friends.


End of Year Exhibition | Year 3 | Day 88

Had a great night at my college’s end of year show. Finally getting see everyone’s work and just relax having a good night with all my friends. It was a good laugh as we got to have more time together without doing work in between.


End of Season of BBQ | Year 3 | Day 89 

This morning I went to visit my college’s exhibition again with my parents, it was better to look at the stuff with no one else there getting in the way.
In the afternoon it was my club’s AGM and end of season BBQ. It was good catching up with people who I haven’t seen since the season ended in April and also my other friend who moved to America with a hockey scholarship.
It finish dead early, so a couple of my friends and I went to Ashton Lane for a couple of drinks… and of course the place was packed because of the sun!


West End Festival | Year 3 | Day 90 

“The best moments are the unplanned ones that just happen but make your day perfect”
Nothing was planned today except the fact we were having a BBQ for dinner. My friends and I decided to to take a walk down to the West End Festival and soak up the atmosphere and the sun. Wondering around and see what there is.
My parents but into my Aunt and Uncle at the festival too and invited them along to the BBQ at night, having a good old catch up.


THE STREAK ENDED | Year 3 | Day 91

The long streak with rain has come to an end… except it was still humid and it still felt warm in the shade, CRAZY! It felt like I was in Florida today, with the rain and humidity. Loved it.