Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 14

Everything comes to an end.


Finishing Touches | Year 3 | Day 92

Today wasn’t too exciting… I finished everything I can do for my absolute final hand in tomorrow. I found my old top trumps, didn’t realise how many I had!



Today was the last day of college before the summer holidays, did my presentation for my final project of my degree year.
Celebrated the year with a couple of my college friends for going out for lunch, hopefully get a proper night sorted soon!
At night, got to play some hockey with my friends in the lovely glorious sun! Loving every minute of the sun that we’ve been having!


BUSY, BUSY, BUSY | Year 3 | Day 94

Since the moment I opened my eyes today, I’ve been on the go! Getting everything ready for the weekend!


HAIR CUT | Year 3 | Day 95

Finally got a proper hair cut today. My hair feels so much shorter and lighter…. I love it! Got to see my wee cousin’s dance show, she did brilliant!


Family Friends Birthday Celebration | Year 3 | Day 96

Celebrated my 21st birthday with my family friends. I know one thing for sure… I’m so lucky to have all of these people around me happy to spend the Saturday night with me, celebrating my birthday. It’s not just this birthday they have celebrated with me it’s been my past 21 birthdays that they have been there. I appreciate everyone.

Longest Lie in Ever | Year 3 | Day 97

After not getting to my bed until 4:30am last night, I didn’t wake up until 1:30pm today. I never sleep in the late and I don’t like it when I do! Feel like I’ve wasted the day.


The Celebration Continues | Year 3 | Day 98

Got back my final results of the year today and I got a degree!! That’s crazy!! You know what that means… Celebration time!