Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 2

Still finding it difficult to know when to film,

but appreciate having the memories to look back on.



I never do as much work in college than I do at home. Too many distractions with paper airplanes…

ROAST | Year 3, Day 9

First time having a roast dinner for a while and also being educated on a lot of things that happened in the past which have changed the laws now.

GREEN | Year 3, Day 10

First day off because of the college lectures are on strike and then a game of hockey at Glasgow Green to end the night. Thanks to Diane for filming the hockey shots, while I was down on the pitch!

PACKAGE | Year 3, Day 11

A package game today from Trixin clothing! The “Happiness is Choice” tshirt came! I always appreciate a design with a meaning behind. With this design being so subtle that only ShayCarl fans understand. Shared out the delicious Carluccio’s brownie.


Road trip to the Capital to play some hockey in the glorious sun. Then had a great night with friends from college, bowling, eating donuts and playing at the arcade. Nothing finer.

JOURNEY | Year 3, Day 13

Another glorious day in Glasgow. It definitely was the first day of spring. Couldn’t get weather to play hockey in.

LUNCH | Year 3, Day 14

Got a lot, not all, checked off my to do list today. College work, exercise, checking out kitchen plans, swapping clothes sizes and a wee extra… out for lunch!