Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 3

“Action expresses priorities.” — Mahatma Gandhi 

CATCH UP | Year 3, Day 15

The thing about friendship when you start to grow up… is that you don’t see them as much because you are too busy with life. However, this is the time where you find out who your real friends are. The ones that even if you haven’t spoken to them in a while, you can catch up and things aren’t awkward. Life gets in the way, but it doesn’t mean you stop trying.

STUDIO | Year 3, Day 16

Studio photoshoot in the morning, taking photos of work to put up on my website. I finally got my Spanish night dinner, looking forward to having real Spanish food next week! I got given a “new” Clinique product, which isn’t “new” considering I’ve had the same product for over a year…


TEAM | Year 3, Day 17 

It was good to watch my team from the side for a change, except I do really wish I was able to go on the pitch and join them.

GOOD FRIDAY | Year 3, Day 18 

Today was Good Friday. I woke up at 8 to get as much stuff done as I could. Shower, college work, picked up the tops for the Academicals hockey game with my friend, cleaned the house, did more college work, picked up my sister and her boyfriend from the bus station, went go see Batman vs Superman at the imax, picked up dinner, ate the dinner and then socialize. The only thing to go wrong was my camera broke, it would only work sometimes and break during recording… need to fix this ASAP!

FIFTIETH | Year 3, Day 19

Dinner at the Atlantic was really good and then celebrated my uncle’s 50th birthday with an american theme party. Looking forward to seeing all my family again for my cousin’s 30th in a couple of days.

EASTER | Year 3, Day 20 

Celebrating Easter Sunday with family friends, who are basically family.

LOCK DOWN | Year 3, Day 21

After a busy Easter weekend with so much happening, I had to put myself in lock down in my room to get all my work done for Tuesday.