Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 4

Work hard to enjoy the good bits.

TUESDAY = SATURDAY | Year 3, Day 22

Visio Project hand in done. Mentoring Session 1 done. Let the holidays begin! Our Tuesday became our Saturday catching up on our TV shows.

HOLIDAY | Year 3, Day 23

Day 1 of the holidays has been amazing, except for the worrying morning stuck in traffic. But we have made it and we are here! Hello Madrid.

THIRTIETH | Year 3, Day 24

Wondered around the whole of Madrid trying to find the Segway tour… we failed… but doesn’t mean we are going to give up! Try again tomorrow! Today was the big day, celebrated my big cousin’s 30th Birthday with the family at a lovely restaurant.


SEGWAY | Year 3, Day 25 

Tour around Madrid on a Segway with someone of the family and then a dinner watching the Flamenco in our last day in Madrid.


SEVILLE | Year 3, Day 26

Took the fast train from Madrid to Seville to visit family friends. First time I’ve been here in 16 years, the last time I was here was for their wedding when I was 4.


RAINY SPAIN | Year 3, Day 27

Wet rainy day in Spain. Rain, rain  go to… oh… Still didn’t stop us from going on our family friends’ rooftop to have our lunch/dinner. Celebrating life.

FAREWELL | Year 3, Day 28

Last day in Seville, couldn’t really see much more of it though because of the horrible weather… but got to go around some shops, lost my scarf for bit. Found it hanging at the bottom of a jumper I tried on earlier. Had our farewell dinner/drinks to say by to our family friends.