Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 5

“Everything you can imagine is real. ” — Pablo Picasso


SEVILLE TO MALAGA | Year 3, Day 29

We took one last wonder around Seville before we took our train to Malaga. First time in Malaga and the view from our apartment is gorgeous! Glad it’s a lot warmer in Malaga.


THE OUTSIDE | Year 3, Day 30 

I may be on holiday, but I can’t fall behind in my college work. I had to work on my college stuff before I went out for dinner. It was actually the first time ever I stepped outside this apartment.


CONTRAST | Year 3, Day 31 

Walked to the Old Town in Malaga, got to see a lot of interesting architecture. While walking in and out of shade, it’s strange how much the temperatures differs. Such a huge contrast!


PICASSO | Year 3, Day 32 

Decided to do the my work later on in the day to enjoy the sunshine and see the Picasso Museum and where he lived. Hoping to be inspired by his work to help me with my own. I was able to understand his work more and look at things in another perspective. PS. I really didn’t know that Picasso was from Malaga!


SEAGULLS | Year 3, Day 33

Last day in Malaga. We found a rooftop bar on top of a hotel with great views. However, the seagulls were flying basically on top of our heads! Then we wondered back to our bit and just relaxed in the sun, ending our holiday with the dinner we started with here in Malaga. Pizza.


HOME TIME | Year 3, Day 34 

Home Time. Headed back home to Glasgow and got up early enough to see the sunrise behind the hills and reflect off the sea. It’s strange to see the same sun come back in Spain and then see it come down in Glasgow, in a completely different scenery. However, they were both behind hills.


REALITY | Year 3, Day 35 

Back to reality. Time to stop eating to much rubbish and lying around to actually make the days productive.