Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 6

Settling back to the day to day life, putting in the last push for hard work for college.  6 weeks left.

NOTHING | Year 3, Day 36

My own camera is still broken… The Nikon camera had no battery… and my phone was lacking memory… Nothing was working well with me to film and on top of that! The day wasn’t very interesting… however I did get my icons finished! Woo!


NEVER | Year 3, Day 37 

Walked all the way into town to get my camera fixed finally! But the guy who deals with canon went home for the day, so hopefully he will fixed it tomorrow! Went to Miller and Carter, a new restaurant that opened in town in a old building that used to be a bank and a post office. They did it up so well!


ROLLER DISCO | Year 3, Day 38

After a long time coming, my friend from college managed to finally get a bunch of us to go to the roller disco. I wouldn’t say I found my secret talent… but I did managed to slowly go around without falling!


SUSHI | Year 3, Day 39

My dad made sushi today, so I thought the nice thing to do was at least try one. Turns out I actually quite like sushi! There you go, learn something new everyday and if you don’t try things, you don’t know what you are missing out on!


ATTIC | Year 3, Day 40 

Today was a lovely day to go outside in a long a time, but I couldn’t find a reason to go out and enjoy it… so instead I decided to admire it from inside and while I was getting stuff done.


SEVENTY-SIX | Year 3, Day 41 

Lovely day at my Gran’s celebrating her birthday with our family. Every birthday should be celebrated.


HAIR | Year 3, Day 42

College starts back tomorrow and it’s time to start getting into a normal routine. Trying to work up the work flow again, shouldn’t be hard! I hope…