Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 7

The sunsets this week have been unreal.

FORESHADOW | Year 3 | Day 43

First day back at college and it is glorious outside! Then a hockey meeting at night, so I could only enjoy the view through a window. Hopefully, it’s just foreshadowing the summer we are going to have!


LAST ONE | Year 3 | Day 44 

Inside all day, in one room with the blinds shut to then realise once I left the college it was roasting outside! Thankfully I was able to enjoy it, had my dinner outside and had my last hockey training of the season.


INSPIRED | Year 3 | Day 45 

Felt inspired by my friends and family today on what they have achieved and what their future is looking like.


IT’S BACK | Year 3 | Day 46 

I finally got my camera back and I feel like everything has gone back to normal! I’ve actually missed the wee camera so much!


BIGGEST FAN | Year 3 | Day 47 

I can’t believe I left school 3 years ago, this is my 3rd academicals match and it was a lot of fun! Always the best going back and playing against and with friends from school.
My dad is Partick Thistle’s biggest fan with his personalised adidas shoes that he designed for his favourite team. They actually look like something that you could by from the shop as a limited edition.
Spending time with my mum today was great, we didn’t do anything exciting but it was nice. We counted that went to 5 different car parks today in a short amount of time!


LAST GAME | Year 3 | Day 48 

Watched and took photos of the last game of the season for GHK 4s and my friend’s umpiring test, which she passed! Woo!
Looking forward to my trip to Iceland at the end of next month, looking at what we can do while we are there! So much to do with such little time.


LOCH LOMOND | Year 3 | Day 49 

Went for a change of scenery today and drove to Loch Lomond for a wee wonder and a lunch in the boat house. Relaxed calm day before I went back home to get back to college work.