Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 8

It’s Gonna Be May…


BAG | Year 3 | Day 50

My bag for my Penny Board came today, I can’t wait to take it to Iceland in a months time! It has all the compartments for my electronics, what a added bonus!


CONFUSED | Year 3 | Day 51 

I just realised I only filmed 3 clips which was of the different types of weather we had in Glasgow today. Scottish weather is always so confusing!


SNOW IN APRIL | Year 3 | Day 52 

This weather is crazy! Snowing in April! Not even a light flurry… a full on heavy snow fall! Crazy!


BRUNCH | Year 3 | Day 53 

Lovely day with my friend. Started the day off with a walk to TriBeCa for brunch and a walk around Glasgow after it. Went for a car wash and a drive, which ended at Krispy Kremes. That was a day well spent!


FRIENDSHIPS | Year 3 | Day 54 

It was good to spend the whole day today with my sister and our friends, going out for lunch and dinner. Appreciating the friendships, never failing to laugh when I’m with them.


STAG & DAGGER | Year 3 | Day 55 

Went to the Stag & Dagger festival in town today with my sister and our friends. Something I never done before since I haven’t heard of any of the bands, but it was good to listen to different people and to have great company.


GANDOLFI | Year 3 | Day 56

Sister headed back up to Aberdeen today, but before she went we went out for lunch and drinks at Gandolfi Fish. The next time I’ll see her will be in Iceland!