Video a Day

Year 3 | Week 9

Summer is just around the corner…

INDECISIVE | Year 3 | Day 57

Working on my final project of the year trying to make decisions for my second mentoring session on Thursday. Thinking I’m getting somewhere, but it can always change to a complete different path…


MAY THE FOURTH | Year 3 | Day 58

Yes, today was May the Fourth… but that was the most exciting thing that happened today. The date. All I did was work towards my last mentoring session, nearly done! Everything is coming together.


RIVERSIDE | Year 3 | Day 59

Final mentoring of the year is complete and I’m excited to see my design finished and all together.
Voted at the election today at my old primary school and it always brings back good memories being there. Always look at the awards cabinet looking at my sister and I’s name on the fastest people in the school.
Had AGM West District hockey meeting at the National Hockey Centre, always good being there watching other teams play and train. The meeting did go on longer than expected and I was ready for my bed by the time I got home.


TESTING IDEAS OUT | Year 3 | Day 60

Working on my design, testing out ideas and trying to get it done for next week so that I can send it away to print. Start ticking things off my list. Only a few weeks left until summer!


RESEARCH | Year 3 | Day 61

Spent the day at my friends house updating our hockey clubs website with new information and photos. Didn’t have time to film some shots. Spent the rest of the day photographing different variations of design ideas, trying to decided which path to take.
Looking at portfolio cases and books, deciding which one is the best. Whether its best going for the cheaper price in the long term or short term.



Feeling good after today, got everything done that I wanted to get done. Helping my dad with clearing up the mess from our new decking and then finally finishing my report.


FIRST BBQ OF 2016 | Year 3 | Day 63

Summer is literally only a few weeks away and with the 21 degree heat today its getting my in the mood. Wondering around town with a t-shirt on ordering foam and buying portfolios for college. Wasn’t too bad! We had our first BBQ of 2016 with our new decking and its wonderful!